Tired of marketing overwhelm?

You Know You Are Working In Alignment With Your True Purpose

But maybe you have been working on your website and social media and feel like you have been missing something. You don’t feel like your message is getting to the people who need it.

You don’t want a formulaic, sales-ey marketing approach.

Your integrity and authenticity are more important than sell sell sell.deathtostock_thecollaborative-2

You just want to know what to post and when to post!

And which platforms are right for your biz.

And you need an actionable, step by step plan!

I am so glad you made it here, because you are the exact kind of person I love to work with.

I love to work with people who are working in the healing, creating, social enterprise and yoga/mindfulness space because to me, these are the most important messages for humankind and the Earth right now.

Let’s talk!

dsc_1704I know you are not afraid of failing, because it’s simply not an option, but I’d love to share my expertise in Online Marketing to get you seen!

How Can We Get Started?

I offer FREE 15 minute calls to see if my values are in alignment with yours,

so please Schedule a FREE 15 minute Call


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