The Strategic Marketing Process

How Will the Strategic Marketing Process Unfold?

Each client will have distinct needs. It is not useful to suggest each client will require Facebook and a Website and Twitter and Email Marketing and Paid Advertising and Pinterest and Direct Mail and Promotions and so on. It is also not useful to conduct marketing in an ad-hoc or arbitrary manner. So it is not possible to say exactly how your Strategy will be. It is possible however to use this step-by-step guide as an indicator of the fundamental journey that you can take with Natasha Berta Marketing.

56Step One – Preparation

Download and read the Offering and make Contact with me to organise your initial FREE Consultation. (Online consultation is available).

This will enable you to do some brainstorming before we meet. Make note of any specific ideas or questions that arise  whilst reading the Offering document.

Step 2 – Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation will enable you to ask any questions you have regarding the process and get a sense of the compatibility of both parties to engage in the project. You will be able explain details such as your understandings of the industry, competitors, the business environment, your capabilities & resources and observations. These are critical for developing an informed strategy which can support intelligent business growth.DeathtoStock_Creative Community7

Step 3 – Strategy Development

I will then have the information needed to develop a Draft Marketing Strategy. This Draft will be presented to you and amendments can be made from both parties in person or via email, online conference or phone to finalise the Marketing Strategy.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community3Step 4 – Implementation

Once the Marketing Strategy is finalised it can be Implemented. Implementation can be performed by Natasha Berta Media (managed) or within your organisation (DIY). If you choose DIY, Natasha Berta Media will conduct weekly or fortnightly Stalking which consists of checking your progress to ensure it is aligned with the intended strategy. Reports from this analysis will be communicated to you in your preferred manner (email or other). Mentoring and/or Training is available for Newbies or for BYO’s learning new skills.

budgetStep 5 – Evaluation

A 3 month period is the minimum recommended to implement a Marketing Strategy. Especially in the case of a Newbie and fairly recently created BYO’s, it will take at least 3 months for results to be seen. At the end of 3 months we will conduct a thorough Evaluation of the Strategy based on the objectives which are set in the Strategy Development phase. Those will include things like :

  • grow followers to XYZ
  • increase sales by $XX
  • improve conversion to XYZ% of views
  • provide immediate customer service with an increase to XYZ% satisfaction
  • reach XYZ customers/followers in the ABC target market
  • reach GHI customers/followers in the JKL region

Please get in touch to me by clicking Contact if you have further Questions and Check out the Blog for loads of great free resources.

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