Marketing Prowess Mastermind

Are you a female entrepreneur with something to share with the world?

Do you feel like your work is going to help a lot of people but you need to get really clear about all aspects of your online marketing?

Do you want to do this with a tribe of other biz babes who will give you support & accountability?

The Marketing Prowess Mastermind is a live training, mastermind program. In 8 weeks we will cover all aspects of your online marketing in weekly live training calls. As well as accessing my marketing expertise, you get to connect with 5 other biz babes who totally get you and how it feels to be a female entrepreneur.
Marketing Prowess Mastermind

What you get:

  • Weekly Live training group calls
  • Private Facebook group
  • Marketing theory from me
  • Printables to work through
  • Individual recommendations
  • Email/PM support
  • 5 other amazing women to collaborate/network with
  • Leveraging each other’s communication channels
Weekly Live Training Calls
All of the live calls are recorded in case you miss one and if you do miss one I love to do a 15 minute quick call to catch up any holes or queries from the recording.
Private Facebook Group
The private Facebook group gives you access to me outside of calls and gives you access to the support network of your tribe.
Marketing theory from me
I have a knack for breaking marketing theory down so it’s more digestible and relevant for entrepreneurs with an online biz. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce  – majors in Interactive Marketing. In the last 9 months I’ve been working with female entrepreneurs to get more engagement and better conversion through a better online presence.
Printables and Individual recommendations
For certain modules there will be printable for you to work through and other weeks I’ll be able to give you individual recommendations for YOUR biz.
Email/PM Support
You can also email and instant message me any time and I’ll help you ASAP
5 other amazing biz babes
But best of all, you get to co-create this mastermind with 5 other amazing, inspiring women who get it: they will be your sisters in accountability, support and helping your momentum.
Leveraging each other’s channels
And – we will be shouting out for each other groups, tagging each other and sharing each others FB bits because we will grow to know and love you.


The Price:

$216 Early Bird
$312 full price offer stardust
  • $27/week early bird
  • $39/week full price
Early bird ends TBA
First love call date TBA

The Program

Week One
Introduce everyone
walk through overall process (live training – leveraging),
explain purpose of group and get people connecting there
Week Two
Live Training Goal Setting
Week Three
Live Training Website
Week 4
Live Training Email
Week 5
Live Training Opt-In
Week 6
Live Training Facebook Page and Group Strategy
Week 7
Live Training Other Social Media Opportunities(IG, Snapchat, LInkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, Blab)
Week 8
Live Training Measure Your Growth
And….a graduation #bertaBlab (more details below)

group energyGroup Programs are a game changer

I know from my own experience, group programs are amazing for my biz. I have done a couple and the content is one thing – don’t get me wrong, the content was great – but the connections I made with other women and the sharing and support was a total game changer. I want to share this experience with you and give you an opportunity to access quality marketing information.

Quality Marketing Expertise that is Affordable

I know how hard it can be to make a decision about your marketing in the face of the bright shiny objects AND the endless freebies that tell you the one thing you have to do. I’m sorry, but marketing is not like that. Marketing is different for every biz because every biz is different and so are their target markets. The Marketing Prowess Mastermind gives you an opportunity to access my knowledge in a more affordable and supportive environment. Plus, I will help customise the over-arching marketing principles to your biz.

Are you ready to get better engagement, more conversions and connect with your tribe?

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Who am I?

I am a mother, a yogi, a meditator, a marketer, a dancer, a dag and a smart woman. I love to play marketing and I enjoy the challenge of finding awesome marketing solutions for other people in biz.

What other people say about #berta

Natasha helps to bring clarity around what your value is in your service. She asks great questions which lead to personal clarity about your message, services and communicating with your people.
On top of this (in just a sort session) I was able to gain clear direction and focus including options to expand and grow in a way that made sense to me. Her clear marketing advice seemed to hit the mark for exactly WHERE I AM AT. I often think my business is kind of obscure because it is personal development and experiential training with focus on mental, spiritual physical aspects of awareness. It is totally refreshing to find someone who gets that and has a depth of life experience which helps facilitate practical changes with real understanding of your spiritual or heart centred business. I highly recommend.
Kara Leonard of Inspired Flow
Natasha helped me see me for who I really am and extract my brand personality within just a few minutes. Sometimes when your stuck in your business, to have a fresh set of eyes and perspective is so refreshing and Natasha’s combination of marketing smarts and intuition is magic.
After a session with her I am ready to show the world what I got!
Tess Philip
I have had the lovely fortune of meeting Natasha Berta through one of my FB groups and
now had a couple of social media strategy sessions with this wonderful woman. Not only is Natasha, a delightful cool
 woman she knows her stuff and her advice is given with such joy. Natasha has provided with clear, easy, practical ideas which is really essential being pretty much a solopreneur in my startup
Nothing is a problem for Natasha and did I mention she is also a great creative thinker. If you have not met Natasha
 do reach out to her and Im sure you will not be disappointed.
Kathy Wong, Founder, Chief Energy Officer, Moeloco.

What is a #bertaBlab?

Blab is an online live video streaming platform, a bit like Periscope or Facebook live – except on Blab, instead of you being the only presenter, you can have up to 4 presenters. So what? It’s like a live conversation. It’s a great way to connect with other biz babes AND your audience and it’s fun. This is not compulsory, but you could check out some other Blabs I’ve done HERE if you are interested. Watching these Blabs is also a good way to get a sense of who I am and whether you would want to hang with me for 8 weeks.

 Need to know more before you decide?

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