What gets me out of bed in the morning…

I NEVER thought I would be in Marketing! Words like conversion, target market and lead magnet really gross me out!

I want to redefine marketing. My experience of marketing has shown me that it is not about manipulating people, taking advantage or being a pushy salesperson. It IS about COMMUNICATION – CREATIVITY – SWEET AS SYSTEMS being used to AUTHENTICALLY make real and lasting CONNECTION with the peeps who want/need to work with you.

002_F4A5538My current passion is putting straight up marketing theory through the filter of my wild and unusual life experiences as a yogi, mother and nature lover.

I find that the goal of yoga (to know oneself) is super helpful in marketing – it is so important that my clients know themselves; what they love and what makes them feel totally gross and unaligned – so that we can develop the perfect marketing plan. The perfect marketing plan for you is completely unique to you, your biz and your peeps AND it allows your essence and sparkle shine through. By letting people see your true self you will naturally magnetise ideal clients to you. This is my favourite thing to do!

I also love running workshops in social media and marketing, delivering presentations to groups and project managing for busy business people.

I am Natasha Berta.

I do all this because…

My purpose in life is to create a space for people to be their authentic selves and stay connected to people around them while maintaining their integrity. I have a  passion for empowering individuals and business by harnessing the Internet to spread more good. I don’t want to be the marketer who works for capitalism, corporations and the man, so I need to work for the healers, the makers, the yogis and the social entrepreneurs.

I am Social, let’s hang out

As well as paid services, I have a presence on many Social Medias, where I have been having chats and trawling the mass of information out there for the choicest cuts of Marketing Tips and Advice. Feel free to follow me; the social media icons below will take you to favourite one.

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You can get it all delivered to your inbox by signing up for #bertaupdates. Click HERE  to sign up for weekly inspiration emails.

The BLOG is also a great place to find Advice, How to’s and Guidance for you.

018_F4A5731Before Today

I have completed a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Interactive Marketing which includes Social Marketing Strategy, Mobile Technology Strategy and Digital Marketing. I have also studies Marketing of Services (as opposed to products) and Business to Business Marketing.

Prior to tertiary education I gained extensive employment experience in various aspects of Hospitality including Pastry Cooking, Barista and running my own Catering Services. I have been involved in small business for  24 years. I also have 22 years of experience in Yogic Lifestyle. In this process I have been synthesising my passion for wholesome eating within the Yogic Lifestyle context.

My current work includes servicing business to achieve growth and success through effective marketing. I also network and collaborate with local Social Media and Web Development professionals to augment their offerings.

What is Natasha Berta Media.com

Natasha Berta Media started as a blog/website for me, Natasha Berta, an Inspiring Creative/ Strategic Marketing Consultant.

It is a place where I collate resources for clients as a go-to source of marketing tools. I also explain the processes involved in creating an amazing, successful marketing campaign for your business growth.

3It’s also a place to find out how you can work with me to create or improve your Internet Presence and Marketing efforts. Click here to check out how you can Work With Me.

 x Natasha

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