New Clients and Social Media

I have been thinking a lot about new leads and why we are on social media. Mainly because it is a dilemma that most of my clients face. They want more clients and they wonder why they are spending so much time on social media.

There are a couple of things going on here.

New Clients

Everyone wants more new clients but sometimes we are not doing all we can to nurture our source of new clients. New clients are costly to acquire and we might be overlooking the obvious ways to get more new clients. Especially if a lot of our NEW clients come from referrals or word of mouth. If this is the case, a couple of things we can do are:

Serve our existing clients REALLY well.

They are the ones doing the referrals and shouting out for us so it makes sense to keep them extremely satisfied.

Using a pricing strategy to encourage referrals.

This might mean setting our pricing higher and basically always giving a discount. For trial, for referrals, seasonally. It’s a particular pricing strategy and it can be effective if your peeps are price sensitive. Also, it is important to be aware of how discounting effects your brand. Does it effect the sense of prestige you are trying to convey in other ways?

Social Media

The big thing I see going on with people and social media are also two-fold:

No Strategy

A lot of people aren’t clear about why they are on social media (other than a vague “have-to”) and they don’t know what they are doing there. Basically they haven’t thought about it and made a plan. This can make a lot of difference to how much time you spend being focussed and productive on any social media.


This is similar to strategy but it is a little more personal. It is super important to have a clear purpose in mind when you jump on any social media. If you are on any time other than intentional marketing activities then you need to fess up to the fact that you are either on for pleasure or you have lost track of your intentionality. Admit it – do you just want some mindless scroll time? If so, don’t blame your biz. Just own it. If you are meant to be on for biz and you’re getting lost in the vortex, forgive yourself and get back to work.

So I would suggest you take time to do these two assessments

Ask your self: where do my new clients come from and how can I nurture this part of my biz AND what do I want to achieve on social media – where do I want to be and what do I want to achieve it.

One way you can do that is with the help of my eBook “Do all of your social media posting in 2 hours a week. I developed it in my work as a social media manager to keep my client work focussed and on track. ebookThis version is a lot prettier than my usual system AND it has a bunch of tips to help you get inside the mind of a marketer and tweak your approach for staying on track and making the most of your time.

Click HERE or on the image to sign up and grab your copy.


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