7 Awesome Snapchat Accounts

First things first, are you on Snapchat yet? Because you know they are saying it’s THE social media platform of 2016. No pressure right? Well, if you’re not on – go and log in first. And then check out this blogpost – it’s a very comprehensive guide to getting you going on Snapchat. I also have a recording of a Snapchat webinar I did mid May, 2016. You can grab access HERE or by clicking the button

I want the Snapchat training

Moving right along – now I am assuming you are on Snapchat and you are wondering how to make it work for your biz. The reason I’m telling you about these accounts is because I believe these peeps really set a great example of how to use Snapchat well.

Here goes….

1. Amy Schmittmauer

FullSizeRender-1This gal has a great mix of personal and informative. She does a great job of weaving Snapchat in to her existing channel (she is quite well known for her YouTube channel). She is young and funny and really just lets her personality free here. It feels really personal and real and IMO she’s rocking it. She knows how to get people engaged which is a huge benefit of the platform.

Keep an eye on Amy’s Story for fun bits and pieces as well as feeling like you are really on the pulse about social media and marketing.

2. Gary Vaynerchuck

FullSizeRender-2Gary Vee apparently predicted the success of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and is now making similar predictions for Snapchat. he is a major media influencer and potty mouthed inspirational speaker. Well known for his musings on entrepreneurism and making shit happen, Gary Vee is a personality and he isn’t afraid to show it.

Check out Gary Vee for how to keep the fan base connected between other social media posts. Plus, I assume a lot of his other social media posting is done by VA’s, whereas his Snapchat is unashamedly him.

3. 5ftinf

FullSizeRender-4This account is the Snap home of a very popular Instagram user who I just adore. She is doing a great job here of letting us in behind the scenes and keeping the theme of very beautiful things going.

This account is a great example if you are an artist or creator and isn’t all about overly personal selfie style posts. It’s about retaining the brand ethos developed on Instagram and translating it into another platform where her massive following can continue the discussion.

4. Joel Comm

FullSizeRender-5Okay, I’m going to be honest here. Joel Comm really shits me. His humour doesn’t work for me, I find him kind of repulsive and I find his content pretty mediocre BUT (it’s a big but) he really knows how to use Snapchat. And who knows, he could totally be your cup of tea. A lot of peeps dig him and he really knows how to engage his audience on Snapchat.

So, follow him simply to watch and learn – the way he interacts, his competitions, the way he integrates it with his other platforms. Nice work buddy.

5. #snappyhour

FullSizeRender-6I should probably know this woman’s name but I am usually laughing too hard to notice. And the ultimate beauty of #snappyhour is, she is nOT trying to sell you anything. She is just flat out funny and entertaining.

Check out this account for how to create a place to be that has no agenda and how that can set you free to create something really wonderful for the viewers. She has basically created her own TV show – and she deserves it – one funny woman.

6. Steve Aoki

FullSizeRender-7At first I thought this one was a selfish choice (I lfreakin love Steve Aoki’s music) but now I realise that this account is a perfect example of how to keep the fan base connected. Steve Aoki creates electronic dance music and is a prolific tourer. His live shows have always been the foundation for his success and his Snapchat leverages that beautifully.

His story is filled with him being an overgrown teenager and still upholding his morals, playing night after night of live shows and shouting out to new artists and collaborators – pretty much exactly what he does in life generally. Follow Steve to see how it’s done for performers.

Lucky Last

7. Ahna Hendricks

FullSizeRender-8If you are wondering how to connect with young women who love yoga, health and wellbeing you can take some cues from Ahna. She is a social media manager and is now rocking Snapchat to rise up as an online presence to be reckoned with. She knows how to make it personal without over-sharing and lets enough of her natural sweet charm out to keep me interested.

She plays her favourite current music, shouts out to collaborators and takes us on her daily adventures. Follow Ahna to see how the young women are rocking it.

Wrapping it up…

FullSizeRenderSeven is my magic number and I don’t want to break the spell but, you could also follow me on Snapchat. Let me know you read this blogpost and I’ll friend you back.

You can also get the free live training recording HERE

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