The Top 3 2016 Marketing Trends that You Can Implement NOW

Big business is trying to adapt to the changes in people’s technology usage and trying to find new ways to communicate with people. It is a challenge for big business because, unless they have an early entrant strategy, they might not be very quick to take up new trends.

This is the golden moment for entrepreneurs because we can be way more agile in the way we respond to customer needs and trends.

The top 3 Marketing trends for 2016 and how you can implement them are:

are you


Mobile device use is predicted to shadow desktop computer use this year. How will that effect your biz? If your website is not mobile optimised, it will be hard to view or may not display at all, not to mention, use unnecessary amounts of data to deliver your message. Depending on your product/service, you may consider developing an app. Instagram is bigger than every and it is mobile only in terms of posting content. It is also a big deal if your target is Gen Y or Z. Even the pester power of Gen Z could be a good reason to review your Instagram strategy.

What should I do to get mobile ready for 2016?

This is super easy to adapt to if your main channel is Facebook because it will already be optimised for mobile. In terms of website, you need to make sure your site is mobile optimised. Depending on your target market or biz growth you might re-think your Instagram presence. BOOM! Done!

are you-2.jpg


This is my favourite communication method at the moment because it is so darn effective for relationship building and improving conversion rates. It is also the ONLY way people can get to know you if your marketing is purely online and word of mouth.

Some analysts have said that 2015 was the year of live video streaming but I think 2016 still has a lot of potential in terms of it not being so fringe and so emergent. Platforms like Periscope and Blab are great for live streaming. If you don’t have video on your Facebook biz page I would expect you to be generate a lot less clients than you deserve.

What should I do to get video ready for 2016?

Make some videos! Post them all around the joint (YouTube, your Facebook biz page, website, email). But my camera shy, but my no flashy equipment, but my tech phobia, but my many excuses.

If you want to make it happen, you can do it with a smartphone and a laptop. I am a Mac user and I know it’s possible with an iPhone and editing can be done using iMovie. Android users and Windows users will have to seek further tech advice on the interwebs. For everything video I recommend Dana Rivera. No affiliate or anything, just a lot of respect. She helped me pack my excuses away and gave me great tips for making it happen. I also discuss video marketing in my one on one sessions (get in touch to book yours).

are you-4


Great content is forecast to be an enduringly important feature of marketing in 2016. So if you are not creating content regularly, you are not creating organic SEO or staying top of mind with clients and prospective clients. Content can now be posted directly on to Facebook as the algorithm is not giving much reach at all to external links for  blog posts. So there’s another easy cut and paste Facebook post right there.

What should I do to get content ready for 2016?

Repurposing other content is  easy and a great use of your beautiful existing content that might not be getting much love down there at the bottom of your feed. Periscopes can be captured using Katch and then turned into Youtube videos (owned by Google, improves SEO, especially if you use Google+ too), blog posts and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

New content is great of course and think of creative ways to get it on as many channels as possible. Pinterest is a great platform for female audiences, Instagram is great for younger audiences, Snapchat is blowing up at the moment with Gen Ys and the good old website is always helping you get seen more by blogging regularly.

What is 2016 going to bring for your business?

I’d love to hear from you. What is on your radar for getting your product or service seen by your customers in 2016? Need a session?Get in touch with me on my Facebook biz page. I look forward to hearing from you xx

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