What the Opt-In?

let's talk opt insDo you wonder what an opt in is?

What is it for?

Why bother?
What if you are at the beginning of your journey and you don’t have high-tech gear or even a website?

A big piece in marketing is VALUE

Value that you can create for your followers or customers makes them want to give you something of value.

Sometimes this means you have a product or service which they give you money for.

Sometimes people like a bit of a getting to know you phase before they jump right in with you.

So then we start to talk about the relationship…

So many stats get thrown about out there in cyber-marketing…one I heard recently was that people need 13 touchpoints with you before they are ready to commit.

What the heck are touchpoints?

A touchpoint is any way that a potential or return customer interacts with you. Maybe they are on your email. Or you show up in their social media feed. Or they watch you on Periscope or a Blab. Or they see an advertisement.


An opt-in is another step along the relationship path. But what the heck is an opt in?

Generally, an opt in is a free something you give to someone in exchange for them joining your email list.

Like an eBook, a Guide, a Video or audio recording of you or your products that people get a benefit from. In exchange you get their email address on your newsletter list where you can continue the conversation.

I’m going to run a webinar that will talk all about Opt-Ins AND walk you through:

  • creating an audio, eBook or video opt in
  • delivering it without having a website
  • a run through of Canva and Mailchimp to help make it all happen
Can it all be done in an hour?
I hope so!!!

A Webinar is another example of an Opt In!

Here’s the link to sign up
Like I said, you will be asked to sign up to an email list. In the emails, I will keep you up to date about the webinar and send you a link to the recording which will be available for free for 24 hours. After that, you can purchase it as a training tool for $10.

All the links and info about that will be in the email, and if after that, you want to unsubscribe, that’s fine!

Or you can stay on my list for updates about me and my work, events, promos and future freebies xx
November 30 10:30am Sydney time

You can check out a chat video I did on my Facebook biz page




let's talk opt ins

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