Did you know that posts with images get 87% of the total of all shares on Facebook?

What are your posts like?

Do you want to know a way to get more shares, likes and engagement?

Today I’m writing about Canva, a design tool for not-necessarily-designers and designers alike. It is a FREE tool that will help you propel your online presence into another dimension….Sounds great right, but you are not techie…it’s ok, I’m going to talk you through it πŸ™‚

Images matter

Luscious, appealing, sleek, professional, enticing images get better responses than text only posts. Emotion can be communicated through images. Images take less processing time for the human brain.

If you see this image:


What do you think of?

I get contrast, farming, openness, the harshness of agriculture, options, new opportunities…I could go one. So if you wanted to communicate contrast, you could use this single image to express that.

The beauty of Canva is, you can download a free stock image like the one above from a free stock image website, then embellish it with your logo and/or your communications message.

How can you get great images for posts?

Unless you are a photographer or have a massive budget you might feel like you don’t know how to develop great image content for your social media posts. I though that before I found Canva.

I am not getting a cent from Canva (but I’m happy to if you’re out there πŸ™‚ ), I simply adore Canva and have so much fun generating content on it that I HAD to share!

I have found many free stock image sites who allow you to download high quality images for free. Why do they do that? The images tend to be either old and out of copyright or they are the work of aspiring artists who want exposure. You can find a fantastic list of free stock image sites on You&Co’s blog click to link to article. Cana also have a lot of free and available to purchase images in their library.

I would recommend visiting a few of these sites and start a folder of images that you just get a feeling about. I like to select images which evoke a story in my mind whether it makes sense to me or.

passed byFor example, I chose this image because I thought about a person letting good things pass them by which reminded me of clients who were missing out on growth opportunities, just letting them pass them by.

So collect a bunch of images that you like which may include your own images and get ready to Canva!

What is Canva?

Canva explains itself as ‘amazingly simple graphic design’’s their about page click

Here’s a video of Canva in action:

I would say Canva is a kind of digital collage software that you can use to make VERY attractive posters, business cards, social media posts, letters, presentations and way more with. It has loads of free and ‘to buy’ templates, fonts and layouts which you can use OR you can use your own images with their overlays..pretty much no limit to the options. I like to use a mix of my images, their layouts, their templates entirely…I like to mix it up. I have used Canva to create images for use in Web Development (buttons), business cards, posters and social media posts.

Here’s a couple of examples which I have made (please look away any highly competent graphic designers..this may hurt you πŸ™‚ )

Below is an Instagram post I made using a free stock image and the Canva text options. I am really happy with this.

want to spread some?

NeedHelp? To the left is a poster I made using a Canva free template. I printed this baby out 30x50cm. I am so in love. I also put a QR code on it! Below is an image I took with my iPhone with the Hisptamatic App (j’adore). I used the Canva text on this one.bloom - target market instagram post 2

Above is a logo/business card I’ve been playing around with (I was going for minimalist haha; this is not a final draft).

These are just a few because I’m really not a designer, but I AM happy with these images. I feel like they have taken me to the next level. What do you think?

These are not the best examples and I would recommend checking out Canva’s vast resource of Design School for great tips too. Additionally, these are no substitute for professional design. These are merely a fun and easy way to create more image based social media posts, presentations, eBooks and more for small businesses or solopreneurs.

That said, I know of many highly successful Internet based business people who use Canva. The people have been known to make 100k in 7 days! So, it can go either way.

Have you used Canva? What have your experiences been like?

5 day Canva workshop LIVE on Periscope

Canva and Periscope are the two latest Internet darlings in my repertoire and I’d love to work through using these two tools with you in 5 free 20 minute mini-workshops. This will occur in November over 5 days (dates to be announced) and will be recorded and can be viewed after the live event if you can’t make the dates/times it’s live.

If you attend live, you will experience Periscope in action and have the opportunity to receive real time broadcast feedback Q&A as we walk through Canva together.

Click on the image below to sign up for this workshop opportunity.

I can’t wait to see you there!

canva workshop sign me up

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