Budget for Marketing

You think that giving some attention to marketing is a good idea.

You have tried it, so you know you can get great results.

You’ve decided having a strategy is a good idea.

You’ve found help because it isn’t your specialisation (copywriting, web development, content management, marketing strategy).

Next step….

How much are you going to allocate (TIME AND MONEY) to the process? This is where you need to consider your budget. I have come to this point with clients and have found a couple of great links to make it all a bit easier to digest.

This one is from Forbes. It’s wonderfully finance focussed and prudent without being confusing…


This one is from Entrepreneur. It’s a bit less dollars and cents focussed but still really helpful when consider the task at hand…


Budget is an important part of a systematic approach to Marketing Communications. It is a fundamental decision and choices made regarding budget ripple on to effect the entire Marketing Communication process.

How did you figure out your budget? Do you need a hand to implement a Marketing Strategy? Comment below 🙂 I’d love to hear your experience.

image credit:  http://dcinno.streetwise.co/channels/71-percent-of-businesses-plan-on-increasing-their-digital-marketing-budget-in-2014/

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