Week 2 IMC – The Communication Process

Week 2 of Integrated Marketing Communications looks at ‘The Communication Process’.

Firstly, it looks at the basic principles of communication which are used in many schools of thought. These are Source > Communication Objectives > Message > Message Channel > Receiver > Feedback > Noise.

These topics are all covered in depth in the textbook:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.01.51 am

The next concept is Simile, Metaphor and Allegory and how these can be used to enhance a company’s communication in marketing. It also considers Symbols and their potential to be mis-interpreted cross culturally.

Finally, we looked at two models which explain consumer behaviour; the Consumer Processing model and the Hedonic Experiential Model. These models sit at opposite ends of a spectrum of possible behaviours – one more rational, one more emotional – and provide 2 opposing explanations and possibilities for consumer behaviour.

Have you ever had negative feedback from customers? Have you had challenging communications with customers? At which point do you think the communication broke dow?

What kind of creative communication would best suit your marketing communications?

How do you think your customers approach purchasing your product? Is it based on reason and functionality or is it based more on fun and fantasy?

image credit: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140418084415-200786614-what-i-learned-about-communication-from-writing-a-bad-article-on-linkedin

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