Week 1 IMC

IMC = Integrated Marketing Communications. This unit is about delivering a cohesive marketing message from your business/brand. This means that whichever channel you put out a message on, it is the same message to recipients/customers.

The textbook is Integrated Marketing Communication by Chitty et al

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.01.51 amI bought this as an eBook from Cengagae (click the link)

For week one we had to read chapters 1 & 5.

Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter outlining the basic principles of IMC including: the importance of one voice, brand and a framework for marketing decision making.

Chapter 5 is called Advertising and digital marketing and discusses how to decide on budgets for advertising and the importance of sustaining marketing efforts. It also touches on share of market v share of voice and legal/regulatory requirements.

Do you have a set budget for your marketing/communication efforts? What would guide your decisions about how much to advertise?

Here’s a link to another article about IMC. I recommend the video 

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