Hello world!

Nice to meet you 🙂

2015  is the final year of my Bachelor of Commerce. I have finally settled on a major in Interactive Marketing. I feel great about this major. I am so excited about the possibilities it makes available for me to engage with others and the workforce.

I am particularly interested in helping individuals and small businesses to consider the ways that the internet can help them sell products and make better use of their time. I think that if a business person or their staff have spare time in low trade periods that using the internet to sell or market themselves is an easy to do activity which can give so many benefits. Equally, if a person is great at arts, crafts or something similar and has no interest in web development, I would love to perform that role to enhance their process.

It seems to me that opportunities exist for product and service providers through use of the internet. As a consumer I get so frustrated when a business that I’m interested in doesn’t have a website when I know how easy it can be to set one up. So I think, that equal to having a storefront, a business needs to have a face on the Net.

This blog is practice and reflection for me during my studies this year. It is also an information resource for people interested in what it takes to have an effective internet presence for a business or individual. I get so excited about the potential of the internet for all kinds of human activity and my goal is to empower people through internet engagement.

So, welcome to Natasha Berta Media and I’d love to hear what you are interested in or what you need a hand to understand….bye for now…..from Natasha.


image credit: http://theconversation.com/australias-vast-and-dynamic-forest-cover-a-birds-eye-view-6404

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